B&E Show Episode.4 Muddy Winter

published Oct 2010 - 36,746 views

B&E show along side friends introduces you to a new entity in skiing. In this edit the sport is being pushed and progressed in a whole new direction. This crew is incorporating the styles and appreciation of snowboarding and skateboarding. They are using the whole board trying to press and spin, grimy yet fluently! INSPIRED by their favorite artists Redman, Method Man and Cali P to form a unique style of skiing. In this episode you will witness skiing in world famous places like Les Deux Alpes (FRA), Mt.Hood (USA) and Snowpark (NZ).
This edit was mostly filmed by the riders, but also features shots from Brandon Husak, Troels Iversen, Justin Wiegand, Josh Finbow and Antwuan Mayet. Please support the B&E show so our official filmer Joakim Åslund can join us around the world in order to produce more episodes and our feature film “Blackout”. BIG THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE SHOW!! ENJOY.

Credit: Riders, Brandon Husak, Troels Iversen, Justin Wieg

Skier: Henrik Harlaut Phil Casabon Taylor Seaton Liam Dow

Location: Les Deux Alpes, Mt.Hood SnowPark



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