Meathead Films - 2 Minute Work Outs: #1 - QC to VT

published Jun 2010 - 8,070 views

"2 Minute Work Outs" are a 12 part webisode series that take you behind-the-scenes with Meathead Films during production of their 2010 release "work it out."

With the first snowfall of the season coming north of the border, this inaugural episode #1 kicks off with a December urban trip through frigid Quebec. Meathead Films met up with gracious host Cedric TF in his hometown of Trois-Riviéres for 3 days of city exploration alongside Andy Parry and Will Wesson.

After the holidays, LJ Strenio got to work conquering some Burlington, VT urban features that have been on the Meathead radar for years. Finally, the right snow conditions, time of day (some sessions started in the pre-dawn hours in order to elude authority) and of course LJ's ridiculous talent, all came together to bag some clutch footage for the new flick.

Credit: Meathead Films

Skier: Andy Parry, Cedric TF, Geoff McDonald, LJ Strenio

Location: East Coast North America



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