Our Own Way - Teaser

published May 2010 - 8,240 views

Jalla Productions are proud to present this movie to you, showing all those fun moment we had throughout the year. Lack of snow and open terrain parks has been a problem, but it is what you make it and hopefully this movie will get you that magic "I wanna go ski" feeling.
We chose the name "Our own way" simply because we are experiencing so much fun stuff throughout the year when we are skiing. We get to experiencing new places and meet new funny people that we wouldn’t have met otherwise. It is a way of life, and we enjoy every little second of it. This is just a teaser, a trailer will drop in July when we are done with all the summer-skiing.

Credit: Principal Cinematography: Kjetil Bjornevik

Skier: Jalla Productions

Location: Norway and Breckenridge, USA



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