Will Reed 08-09 Season Edit

published Nov 2009 - 10,625 views

It has been a crazy year... I designed a ski, then broke every pair made. I won a comp when I probably didn't deserve to, and then got 2nd in a comp I probably should have won. I spent two weeks organizing a sweet photo shoot, and then knocked myself the fuck out half way through it. I sat on my ass injured for most of January, then I got the casts taken off the day before my Heli trip in February... I skied the best powder days of my life, but complications at the shop meant that I had to ride most of them on another company's skis. I spent the rest of the winter/spring filming with my kick ass girl friend, but somewhere along the way I also stopped talking to one of my best friends. (basically because his girlfriend is a god-damn-succubus.) The highs and lows were crazy, but all in all I loved it. The edit doesn't tell the whole story, but it shows what I liked the most about this year. I hope you like it too... Huge thanks to everyone who helped me make this edit finally happen.

Credit: Brittany Delph

Skier: Will Reed

Location: Mica, Breckenridge, A-basin, Keystone, Boulder, and Echo Mt



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