published May 2008 - 8,851 views

This movie is a digital reflection of my year. I have been to many locations in many parts of the world with many different people. So step into my shoes and come along for the ride. See my friend Russ Henshaw from Australia hit the top of his game and the skiing world. Watch the limbs crew getting creative using anything and everything they can to get their riding fix. Have a look at what happens when I get 26 hours to cut a 2 minute movie with 2 pros and a mountain in the Oakley Jib Vid contest. Don't take it too seriously though because I don't, these sports are supposed to be about fun and so the movies should be too. I have really enjoyed making a film this year and I hope you will enjoy watching it. I have tried to blend the two worlds of skiing and snowboarding because to me putting them in separate films takes away a huge part of both sports as they feed so heavily off each other. we all ride the same mountains in the same parts of the world so it is the only option for me. have a nice day and rememer to give someone a hi 5, its free and it feels good.

Credit: Sean Balmer

Skier: russ henshaw

Location: winter



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