Winter Project - Episode 2 Season 3

published Feb 2011 - 5,157 views

Winter Project releases their second web-episode for the season. Handsrails in Stockholm and powder in the alps. Be sure to check out for daily updates!Filmed and edited by:Nicke JacobssonAdam FalkRiders:Mattias AxelssonJesper TjäderNoa GadeliusOskar HarlautJacob WesterOlof LarssonJanette HarginAdam FalkTaisuke KusunokiSecondary camera:Andreas Olofsson Hiroyuki Nishio

Credit: Nicke Jacobsson and Adam Falk

Skier: Mattias Axelsson Jesper Tjäder Noa Gadelius Oskar

Playtime: 00:07:48



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