Mathematics - Skiing Avoriaz Park 2011

published Jan 2011 - 1,560 views

Snow Motion Films join Mathieu Hulliger, Ludo Milaire and Ruben Principe for one day of filming in the Chapelle Park, Avoriaz.

Shot on the Canon 7D with 10-22mm EFS wide angle f3.5-4.5 , 24mm-105mm EF f4.0, and GoPro HDs.

Most footage was shot at 720p, 250 shutter speed, combination of 50p and 25p frame rates, auto ISO stopped down to f15-f22.

For some of the shots we used a DIY jib-crane. We built it using gear from our local hardware store in Morzine village. Built from €60 worth of light weight shelving metal poles, right angle brackets, and bolts...giant mechano! We then attached the crane arm to our Manfrotto 353 legs, using the 504 HD head.

Music by Max Tannone - In My Math - Mos Dub
(thanks for the track!)

Credit: Jack Chute

Skier: Mathieu Hulliger, Ruben Principe and Ludo Milaire

Location: Chapelle Park, Avoriaz, France

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