My 1st time-lapse

published Nov 2010 - 3,773 views

Today i started working on my first ever time-lapse, and i thought it worked out pretty good. the hour and a half we spent on the box turned into about 14 seconds of footage.

basically the camera took a picture every 10 seconds, then i played each picture for .01 seconds, and when ~440 pics are thrown together this is what you get. hopefully you think it's cool.

i'm just psyched cuz my theory turned into a reality today.

music is an original track by my little brother called "New Mack Groove". maybe someday you'll get to hear the rest of it

Credit: me; patrick bradley

Skier: luke mathison (tho technically he's a snowboarder)

Location: waterville valley, nh

Playtime: 00:00:19



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