Look on the Bright Side teaser

published Jun 2010 - 10,973 views

Voleurz - Look on the Bright Side - Official Teaser 2010 / 2011Look on the Bright Side will be available online for free at Voleurz.com in November 2010.PRESENTED BY:Smith Optics, Faction Skis, Whistler Blackcomb, Line Skis, Coors LightFEATURING:Braden Dean, Justin VDP, Matt Margetts, TJ Schiller, Mike Riddle, Jesmond Dubeau, Shayne Zwickel, Mike Mertion, Jeff Boake, Max Hill, Warren Williams, Ian Cosco, Josh Stack, Corey Klim, Joe Schuster, Andrew Jackson, Jan Schuster, Nick Moore, Cam Schuster, Josh Bibby, Tyler Holm, Colston JB, Scott Sych, Barry Hartman, Reed Speedman, Jordan Gibson-Fraser, and Simon d’Artois.PRODUCED, DIRECTED BY:Darren RaynerPRODUCTION TEAM: Mason Mashon, Charlie Grinnell, Keegan Salmon, Scott Tolan, Bruce GiovandoMUSIC:"Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image"Ganges a go-go" by DJ Shadow & The Automator"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Monty Python

Credit: Darren Rayner / Voleurz

Skier: Braden Dean, Justin VDP, Matt Margetts, TJ Schille

Location: Whistler, Blackcomb, Edmonton, Colorado, Sweden, England

Playtime: 00:05:17



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