A Long Way Home Trailer

published Jun 2010 - 8,404 views

"I loved skiing in Minnesota," states Evan Rutford, as he remembers the past seasons skiing at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota. I believe all Minnesotans would agree, whether reminiscing of years when they lived in the colder climate, or are still looking forward to next season at Hyland. But I feel all of us are drawn to the bigger and better slopes of the west, and at some point will make that journey, if not already, to continue what they love on a grander scale. This is true for me, as I find myself amidst the Rockies, only to be reunited with the very same people I grew up skiing with in Minnesota. It's amazing how many of us find ourselves here, together again, to share our one common passion...

This is the teaser for the 09/10 season ski film A Long Way Home. Shot in Summit County, Colorado, with over 20 Minnesota skiers, and the music of Minnesota artists.

Credit: Jake Strassman

Skier: Minnesotans

Location: Summit County, CO

Playtime: 00:04:13



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