2008-2009 D.O.S. Media Season Edit

published Dec 2009 - 11,015 views

After a long season filled with plenty of unfortunate events we have finally pulled through and released a FREE short movie from last season supported by Boone Skis and Moment Skis. Many of you may know this piece as "Too Real for TV," but due to attempted legal actions against D.O.S. Media, I can no longer call it that. This short movie documents our 2008/2009 season where we traveled to many locations including Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, The Midwest, Colorado, and Utah. This short film features Tim McChesney, Dylan Curry, Alex Dorszynski, K.C. Deane, Casey Kreuger, John Ware, Carston Oliver, Luke Perin, Taylor Garbutt, Lucas Wachs, Gus Kenworthy, Kolby Ward, and Tim Durstchi.

Credit: Bentley Atteberry, Cameron Fair, Evan Heath

Skier: D.O.S. Media Crew

Location: All over

Playtime: 00:16:53



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