The Magnificent Senders // Schoess // NS Originals

published Oct 4th - 5,544 views

Spring time, sending in the sun.

Music: Eric B., Rakim - Microphone Fiend // MF DOOM - Books of War

Filming/Editing: Nick Schoess

Additional Filming: Kyle Leiberman, Dicky Thomas, Jordan Cooper

Graphic Design/Titles: Sam Lobinsky

Skiing in order of appearance: Atticus Parker, Dicky Thomas, Jack Fritz, Cayden Wood, Jed Waters, Paul Marik, Nick Schoess, Alex Young, Sam Lobinsky, Mike Kennedy, Hans Wiener

Special Thanks: Newschoolers, Twig, Scott and Sean @ ON3P, Tall T Daniel, Cory Trevor and Dan Pinewski, Aaron Hunter, Karl, Kael, Nate and all of the Colab homies, all of the Utah homies, Valerie Schoess, Mike Kennedy, Cam, Bubba, Woodward PC, Sergios.

Playtime: 00:07:09

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