LINE Traveling Circus 15.2 - Chopped and Screwed

published Nov 2022 - 1,671 views

For the second episode of season 15, Andy, Will, and Jake travel to Switzerland to meet with longtime friend and legend Sami Ortlieb for some back-yard booling. The crew has skied in Sami's backyard before (Swiss Cheese Socks, anyone?), but they wanted to be extra creative with it this time around. From Project Hinge to the APS system to X-Games Olympic quality never been done before tricks, the crew continues leading the way as the unconventional, creative skiers they are in episode 15.2, Chopped and Screwed!

Choppers and Screwers:
Andy Parry
Sami Ortlieb

Andy Parry
Sami Ortlieb
Will Wesson
Migi Reibenshuh
Kai Mahler
Jake Strassman

Film: Jake Strassman, Will Wesson, Sami Ortlieb
Edit: Jake Strassman

Züricher Altstadt by Berner Liedertafel
Rauschgift by Welt Star
Even If It's True by Paula

Ski Equipment Jumps Europe Rails Park


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