You Go,I Go - Official Trailer/Teaser - Sideshow

published Oct 2022 - 311 views

This is "You Go,I Go” - Official Trailer/Teaser - Sideshow" by Daisuke KURATA

"You Go, I Go" is a new movie after Sideshow's Ski Movie trilogy. This movie is a video work in which Takuya Ishida and Daisuke Ito skied not only on the street, powder, and ski resorts, but also in various other fields.
This movie features the two "i" who are connected in the trilogy. Two skiers skied while doing sessions in various places, and at the end of the season, the two got together, and skiers of different types synchronized in the session. It is also close to the inner thoughts of each of them, what kind of thoughts they had in the shooting and session.
The main story will be released after the premiere tour in November or on Vimeo On Demand.

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