Sorta Winter 2022 Long Cut

published Aug 2022 - 489 views

Featuring Quinn Noyes, Wyatt Dorman, Nathan Webber, Bryce+Skylar Suman, Phoenix Heiny, Caleb Godwin, Jack Anderton, Brendan McDonald, Charlie Baker, Nicolas Guzzardo, Jake Snyder, Henry+Jack Herzog, Joe Siska, Carter Dobbins, Hudson Volmer, Jack Snyder, Will Mastin, Johnny Jakubriak, Emre Hinkle, Kevin Langlands, and hopefully no one else.

Filmed mostly by Caleb Godwin, Charlie Baker, Kevin Langlands, and John Robinson.

Pretty much all at Boyne Mountain.

Not sure who will watch this but I'm proud of all we did this Winter and looking forward to doing even more this Winter.



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