FAR BETWEEN: A short film by Finlay Woods and Craig Murray

published Aug 2022 - 554 views

Created by Finlay Woods and Craig Murray. Presented by Matchstick Productions. We give you...FAR BETWEEN

Separated by the mighty Pacific and 6 months, Far Between is a collection of just that, moments few and far between.

Getting just one satisfactory clip can be a day's work. Travelling into the backcountry, getting lucky with conditions, and striking weather windows right is a fine art. Doing this with one friend in two opposing corners of the globe makes things even harder to line up.

The distance, time or a cracked sternum didn't detour Finlay Woods and Craig Murray and with clips from both sides of the equator we present: Far Between.

Like what you see? See more from Craig and Finlay in #AnywhereFromHere this fall!

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