Real Skifi - Newton's Laws (Part 1)

published Aug 2022 - 2,425 views

A paid collaboration with Valio Academy.

In 1687 physicist Isaac Newton published a book called “Principia”, which set the foundations for classical mechanics: Newton’s laws of motion. Below is a somewhat free translation of the laws:

(I) If you forget to set your spin/flip on the take off, it’s quite hard to do so midair

(III) But if you happen to have a pair of dumbbells with you in the air and you throw them, the dumbbells will also throw you

(II) The bigger the dumbbells, the more you spin/flip

However some rules could not be found from Newton’s Principia. Rules that would hundreds of years later dictate how Valio Academy scholarships work. Here’s the three perhaps most important ones:

(1) You may only get a scholarship if you apply for one.

(2) Don’t waste your time. The deadline for next year’s applications is August 14th 2022.

(3) More information:

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Credit: Isaac Newton

Skier: Juho Kilkki

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland



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