Real Skifi - Winter Wonderland

published Nov 2021 - 660 views

A paid collab with Valio Academy.

Valio Academy scholars for 2022 were published last week - this time 340 individuals or groups will receive a scholarship! We want to congratulate everyone who were selected and thank everyone who sent in their applications. Once again we had the pleasure and the honor of being a part of the selecting process. Valio Academy is a big supporter of sports and physical activity of children and adolescents in Finland. More info about the program:

Last winter we revisited Havumäki Ranch. This time we got to experience it in dream like conditions. We had so much snow that our smiles were almost as wide as our skis.

Credit: Janne Korpela, Anton Geier, Juho Kilkki

Skier: Verneri Hannula, Ilkka Hannula & Juho Kilkki

Location: Havumäki Ranch


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