published May 2021 - 3,858 views

Just Another Ski Edit.

Hands touched and windows were rolled down but no filmers were hurt in
the process of making this edit.
Also weird audio bug due to uploading???**

The fellas doing what they gotta do, nothing crazy, just having fun.


Brock Marzolf
Alex Wallace
Sammy Steenhorst
Donny McLean
Jessy Collings
Matt MacCallum

Matt MacCallum
Pat Hoffman
Dan Thompson
Donny McLean
Jessy Collings
Colin Foster
David Zorko


The Love You Left Behind - Lettuce
Stand By Your Cats - Too Many Zooz
The Melody - The Left, Gas Mask
3D - 777villan
Stranger - Dirtwire
Squad Goals - Prof

This was a practice project, tried some new things and was forced to switch
between Final Cut to Adobe Premier and this is what we got. Really dove into
this, learning new things editing was extremely refreshing and the feeling
of progress is one similar to skiing, plus not being able to work, figured I'd put
a little effort into this. Its not what I originally had in mind but I'm sayin'
screw perfectionism.

Thanks for watching.

Credit: Matt MacCallum

Location: Sunshine Village

Playtime: 00:10:49


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