published May 2021 - 4,237 views

Terrane Shop Presents: Testing.

A full backcountry video filmed in the interior of British Columbia. Aidan Pruett, Carson Sharp, Allegra Richter, and Brock Arends spent about 4 weeks getting into new zones and figuring out the surrounding mountains, hence the name testing. We got started in early march and filmed until the first week of april.

A big shout out to Allegra Richter for letting the crew use her sled every time we went out, it wouldn't be possible without her and Aidan Pruett, thanks guys for the opportunity.

Another shout out goes to filmer and content creator Hondro for coming out and filming us, as well as getting some insane drone shots.

Thanks to the project sponsor xspex optics for supplying really nice goggles for the crew.



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