SuperUnknown XVII+I Recap Pt. 4

published Apr 2021 - 586 views

The wait is over - the winners are here! Our fourth and final video recap from SuperUnknown Finals is live, and it's a doozy. Tune in to watch the crew get creative on a rainbow to banana-bars feature, and a lively session on a Kimbo up-rail that Woodward Eldora park crew put in on request for us.

A final shout-out and huge thank you to the whole Eldora team for all the work they put into this event, the Boulder A-Lodge for their hospitality, all our sponsors supporting this event and making prize money possible, and most importantly all the athletes for going hard all week.

2021 Female Finalists
Bella Bacon, 17, USA
Skye Clarke, 18, CAN
McKenna Brown, 20, USA
Cat Agnew, 24, CAN
Marin Hamill, 19, USA

2021 Male Finalists
Oscar Weary, 22, USA
Max Siudak, 17, USA
Kyle Coxworth, 26, CAN
Matt Martin, 23, CAN
Bennie Osnow, 20, USA
Mason Kennedy, 27, USA
Danya Manyak, 17, USA
Luke O'Brien, 22, USA
Chris Bechtold, 22, USA
Seamus Flanagan, 24, USA

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