Lari Extraordinary Love Tour Part 4: Gear Fetish

published Apr 2021 - 505 views

Love manifests in many ways!

When I embarked on the Love Tour, I was looking to tilt and glide my body in a way that hacked my brain into releasing a cocktail of dopamine, oxytocon, serotonin, endorphins, and adrenaline - mimicking the emotions of romantic love.

In addition to that, I'm feeling the release of self love through the sensation of self purity.

Using speed, angle, and focus to mimick the feeling of disconnection - placing my perception of self from an ocean of life's tragic complexities into a little tide pool of action-packed joy.

It's totally working, dudes!
LOVE, is truly, the athlete's perfect state.

My heart is overflowing to everyone who opens my soul through sick sessions and meaningful conversations about love and the meaning of life.

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