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EGO-TRIP by Remco Kayser

by Remco
Nov 2018 - 16.3K views

After surprisingly being invited for Superunknown XV in Winter Park Colorado, I didn't want to fly to the USA for just a week, so I talked with fellow finalists Simon Bartik and Jessy Desjardins and we organised what became the best road-trip of my life.
I joined Simon, Jessy, Carlo Mion, Philippe Clairoux, Philippe Gaucher and Kevin Desjardins in Portland where we later drove to California and Colorado trough some epic scenery.
Hope you will enjoy, ONE LOVE !
What to expect:
- Illegal stuff such as 3 different angles for a cork 9
- Beautiful landscapes from our road trip
- Nice still pictures
- Quality shots from Mammoth filmed by the man Carlo Mion
- Unseen shots from Winter Park during Superunknown.
- Pretty bad crashes
- Good music
- A selfie in front of the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno
- A broken down Tesla in the middle of some Oregon forest and in the middle of the night
- A rail run from Carlo who’s a good filmer AND and great skier

Huge thanks to Wells Lamont, my parents, my friends, uni, Geneva and everyone out there !!!!

Torin Yater Wallace 2018 Mini Edit

by Newschoolers
Oct 2018 - 3.9K views

Olympic skier, Torin Yater-Wallace, always has his eye on the prize. His passion for skiing is undeniable, and his ability to perform well under pressure has made him one of the most decorated pipe riders today. Click below to watch his 2017-2018 mini edit and read our interview with him to see what he's been up to lately.

Check the interview out here:

Nathan Avila
Spencer Whiting aka "Gimbal God"
Seth Huot

So... We Meat Again. BEEF Summer

by C_Jack
Oct 2018 - 10.8K views

15 days on the Volcano.

Faction, SHRED, SlyTech Protection, Leki USA, Dalbello, Teton Thai Driggs.

Thank you Alex Havey, Owen Dahlberg, Topher Newett, & Evan Heath for the footage.

Music- "Big Worm" - Maxo Kream
"Forget me Nots" - Patrice Rushen


LINE Traveling Circus 11.2 - The Trans-Vanada Highway

by Line_Skis
Nov 2018 - 4.4K views

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The crew gets in the van and heads across the Trans-Canadian Highway in search of deep fresh pow...err rails, jibs and jumps. Getting an early start on Olympic Training pon de Calgary Olympic Park, boot packing upstairs at Revy and finally landed at Grouse for some dino jibbing and the like. Featuring WIll Wesson, Andy Parry, Rob Heule, Kevin Salonius, LJ Strenio and friends!

Beautiful British Bolumbia

by Wibbity_Wabs
Dec 2018 - 3.3K views

Skiing in the streets of British Columbia! Canada we love you!

Skiing By:
Abner Wyman
Ian King
Flat Stan

Recording By:




by Jonah_w
Nov 2018 - 2.6K views

This here is the latest installation in summer video footage. *

RIP to the fallen soldiers. We miss, and love you.

All footage is from Windells Session 5. Thank you to the media friends:
- Alex Havey
- Owen Dahlberg
- Christian Raguse

Thanks to my sponsors for the continuous support:
- Dragon Alliance
- Atomic Skiing
- Jiberish
- Stash Ski Poles

*(Headphones might make the viewing experience more pleasurable) Please excuse my cheesy editing skillz

Joe Lauer - No Regrets

by joelauer
Apr 2018 - 6.5K views

A compilation of footage taken from my final full winter season. Beginning in August I will attend University full-time, and have substantially less time to ski and compete. This is my curtain close. I hope you enjoy.
Special thanks to Roxa Italian Ski Boots, Giro, and LEKI for the support, and to Ryan Wyble, Dave Euler, and Jorick Ehrenstein for the film and edit.


by Upstate_Willis
Apr 2018 - 8.3K views

PASSWORD IS willis - vimeo is taking all my shit down this is my way of fighting it. Or just watch it on youtube.

I've been waiting to drop this one for a while. Ryan Funke


by gravel
Jan 2018 - 16.2K views

quickie with ethan swadburg at breck

video by garvin
music is duet by gonjasufi

Los Ninos x Open Klasse 2018

by Losninos
May 2018 - 12K views

Thanks for hooking it up with a great week Open Klasse 2018
Edit and filming by Sebastian Bergan Skiers: Siver Voll Petter Ulsletten Christian Nummedal Ferdinand Dahl Jake Carney Knut Fineid

The Bunch - Interpretation

by TheBunch
Oct 2018 - 4.6K views

An interpretation. Soon to be your own. Paint for yourself and feel free to use this as color.

If you saw an alien in the sky, it was an alien in the sky. No need for explanation.

Direction & Editing by Gustav Cavallin and Jens Nilsson.

Cinematography by Gustav Cavallin

Produced by Magnus Granér and Gustav Cavallin

Additional cinematography by Andreas Olofsson, Pär Hägglund, Oliver Hoblitzelle, Dylan Siggers, Tobias Johansson

Magnus Granér, Lucas Stål Madison, Douglas Källsbo, Jake Mageau,
Anttu Oikkonen, Alex Hackel, Pär Hägglund, Sakarias Majander, Jens Nilsson, Leo Björklund,
Maximilliam Smith, Cole Gibson, Foster Meeks, Abner F Wyman, Anders Fornelius, Ian King, Gildweezy

USA - Oregon, California, Utah.
Canada - Québec, Fernie, Nelson.
Russia - Murmansk.

Supported by Tall T Productions

Good Company Presents: Barking at the Door

by Goodcompanyski
Jan 2018 - 15.4K views

Powder hounds Lucas Wachs and Crazy Karl teamed up with Filmer Jasper Newton to create their new backcountry short film "Barking at the Door"!

Produced By: Tom Wallisch and Tom Yaps

Principle Cinematography: Jasper Newton

Edited By: Jasper Newton

Additional Editing: Lucas Wachs and Karl Fostvedt

Colored By: Dan Norkunas
Take Shelter Productions

The Burrrlapz | WSSF Intersection 2018 Winning Video

by Burrrlapz
Apr 2018 - 5.6K views

Big gulps eh.

Brody Mcskimming
Anatole Tuzlak
Josh McSkimming
Dylan Siggers

Dylan Siggers

Garret Capel
Dylan Siggers
Brody Mcskimming
Seany Mac
Josh Mcskimming
Jarred Martin
Anatole Tuzlak

Brad Anderson
Essex Prescott
Brody McSkimming
Jarred Martin

Runnin Down a Dream Tom Petty
Get It Together Beasty Boys
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond

LDM x 2017

by LaurentDeMartin
Jan 2018 - 9.2K views

When I was young, I always dreamt about filming with Level 1. Over the last 2 years this dream has come true and I am really stoked to release my season edit with all my shots from the past winter. From the deepest pow ever in Canada to the longest airtime in Mammoth. I also found myself in the streets in Moscow, where I had the worst crash of my life. Luckily, 5 Russian staples later, and I am as good as new.

BIG thanks to all the good people for the love, the support, the filming & the help, my sponsors & Jules Guarneri for editing.


by TheBunch
Jun 2018 - 7.6K views

Imaginary Trace presents SKIMAN - A shortfilm Starring Magnus Granér.
In association with and ________________________________________________________
Directed by Andreas Olofsson

Principal Filming by Andreas Olofsson

Additional Filming Gustav Cavallin, Pär Hägglund, Abner Wyman, Liam McKinley, Cole Gibson, Tobias Sedlacek

Trollhaugen : Human Being : REJUVE - Ep 1, Vol 3 - 2018/19 | Film/Edit: Nick Schoess

by Trollhaugen
Dec 2018 - 4.4K views

Trollhaugen Human Being Ep 1, Vol 3 - REJUVE - Fully featured.

I saw a fire. Frantic flames flickered fiercely, fanning forward - frosted fields of flaked fractals fearing a forecasted fiery finish. Was it the finale, or the fearsome foray of a fantastic few fellow funhouse fanatics? Human... Beings....

The season is back. Nick Schoess (nosebutter.exe) continues to kill it. S/O to Insta handles @on3pskico @colabbrand @pinewskis for supporting Schoess. Skol @mattkrohn for the sick pic!

Rejoice - Sammy Carlson

by Newschoolers
Nov 2018 - 10.1K views

Sammy Carlson 2018 Season Video Part.


Filmed by:
Bryan Metcalf-Perez
Clay Mitchell
Kaleb Weston

Produced by:
Tom Yaps
Sammy Carlson

Edited By:
Chris Almader

Special Thanks:
Quiksilver, Armada, Oakley, Monster energy Drink, Dakine, Retallack lodge

Jack Finn SuperUnknown XV Semi-Finalist

by Level1
Mar 2018 - 8.3K views

Help us decide the 10th Finalist for the SuperUnknown XV Finals!

Semi-Finalists will be announced throughout the week- check back each day for updates and help us decide who should take the 10th spot in the Finals- its up to YOU to decide! Give each of the Semi-Finalists a watch and vote for your favorite to join the other Finalists and our crew at Winter Park Resort at the end of April for a shot at the title! The Wild Card Poll is open from Saturday March, 24th until Friday March, 30th 12:00pm (MST)- spread the word and vote once each day.

Candide Thovex - quattro 2

by Newschoolers
Jan 2018 - 32.2K views

Candide and Audi partner up to Ski the World

Filmed on Planet Earth

Learn more about this project:

Learn more about Audi & quattro

Follow Candide
Instagram & Twitter: @candidethovex


©Copyright Candide Thovex

Please only use and share this embed code of the official video.
Third party downloads and distribution are not permitted.

Planet Earth: The Park Skier

by YawnPell
Dec 2018 - 3.4K views

Planet Earth II is a 2016 multinational nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth, which was broadcast in 2006. The series is presented and narrated by Sir David Attenborough with the main theme music composed by Hans Zimmer.

In this episode, we follow the life of the park skier and its magical journey to the top.

This was the final project for my film studies project haha so its top notch skiing.