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ERRDAY - TallTXTheBunch

by TheBunch
May 2015 - 20.6K views

The Bunch was hosted by Paul the Tall T master for an all time Summit County visit.


Slow your roll, satisfy your soul

by hoodcrew
Nov 2015 - 13.1K views

The fourth part of an infinite series. Doing it for the rachets, is a peaceful and considerate way to live life. Remember kids, #everybodyneedslovin so sit back and enjoy an emotional journey through a season of #questionable decision making and club bangers.

Antti Ollila "KEESHFUL"

by AnttiO
Sep 2015 - 7.6K views

This is an edit I filmed alongside of competing and filming for the Hot Chocolate project last season. It was fun to go and just sesh different spots, film with friends and not worry about the outcome. Massive thanks to the homies behind the cameras and my sponsors Faction skis, Oakley, Tazza and Full Tilt Boots for supporting me through the season.

Hot Chocolate Project webisodes:

Meeks//14.15 park n skreets

by hoodcrew
Oct 2015 - 12.1K views

Thanks to the hoodcrew homies, @surfaceskis @bloomouterwear @stashpoles @brightonresort for all the support. Also shoutout to the bunch and HG homies for letting me tag along for a week this spring. Cheers to a good 15/16 winter!


by toast
Mar 2015 - 22.3K views

Cody Ray tears up the Breck and Keystone parks over Spring Break in order to unlock his swag.

Eric Richardson Season 14-15 SIP!

Aug 2015 - 16.7K views

Cut together Rockmons best shots from this past season. It was a great one. Not gonna be the same without Eric, he always had the most energy and was constantly stoked on life. Best believe were goin in next year just for you man! Rest easy, ski in peace.

Windells Best of Ski 2015

by Windells
Nov 2015 - 11.6K views

The best of the best from summer 2015!
Featuring: Jonah Williams, Noah Wallace, Tom Wallisch, Will Wesson, McRae Williams, Jamie Baril, Josh Karcher, Camp Boll, Jeff Curry, Ethan Swadburg, Sander Hadley, Jeremy Pancras and many more!

For more information on Windells Camps, or to register, visit

Quinn Wolferman Mixtape 2k15

by quinnw
Sep 2015 - 16.5K views

Thanks to all my friends, family, and sponsors for making this season too fun.
Shoutout to anyone who was willing to follow me around with a camera. Hope this gets some people stoked to shred,


by OHoblitzelle
Oct 2015 - 5.8K views

This project represents a shift in a lot of the members of our crews lives, moving out of Massachusetts and expanding out west to link up with some new homies. We shot this movie with absolutely no budget so Id like to give a huge thanks to everybody who helped us out and all the people who were a part of this.

Skiing: Mike Brewer, Dylan Sondrup, Andy Partridge, Keegan Kilbride, Colby Stevenson, Tec Calcagni, Tim Ryan, Chris Astle, Bayard Baker, Grant Howard, Andrew Pollard, Blake Wilson, Seth Klein, Connor Kelly, Will Young and Matt Hauser, with some additional skiing from Joe Napoli, Peter Vanderwilden and Ben Moxham in the intro and outro.

Shot & cut: Oliver Hoblitzelle and Peter Vanderwilden

Big Ups:

Simen Gjelsvik - Vibes&Stuff

by mr.bacon
Oct 2015 - 4K views

My favorite shots from the 14/15 season

Thomas Flått
Benjamin Forthun
Magnus Skotte Nørsteng
Rafael Garrido
Olve Austefjord
Sondre Eriksen
Christoffer Hestdal
Matt Walker

For Lack of Better - Official Trailer

by Vila
Aug 2015 - 13.9K views

For reasons of personal satisfaction and career progression, these rare athletes are obsessed with creating the best possible video parts every year. This film follows the rugged and passion-filled lives of street skiers throughout a winter as they battle for their next best video part.

We Are The Faction Collective: #S02E01

by Faction
Jan 2015 - 20.5K views

From the deep pow-filled back woods of the south to the snow ghosts in the north, the Faction team explores the amazing terrain of Montana. Watch Adam Delorme, Tim McChesney and Duncan Adams drop pillows, slash pow, stomp double backs and sled in the uncharted big woods of the region.

Minute at Loaf

by KeeganKil
Jul 2015 - 10.7K views

Keegan Kilbride---
spent a couple days at sugarloaf this year and filmed a little bit..Passed Lucs cam around

@hgskis @lafachannel

Mitchell Brower 2014

by mitchellbrower
Jun 2015 - 8.3K views

Made this last fall and never uploaded it.... Wanted to compile my favorites from a great season. Included are a few unseen shots and the rest are from The Brothers Brower and SuperUnknown Finals.

Stay tuned for my 2015 edit coming this fall.

Amateur Boolin//Thirsty Closeout

by hoodcrew
Aug 2015 - 7.8K views

Well skiing is never a competition, but just like the NFL it has been known to deliver big hits, brain damage and dish out its fair shares of winners and losers. Everybody got choices, and in January '14 we arguably got a little overly-ambitious in our quest to knock off as many Dylan Thompson spots around SLC as possible.

The closeout was a peak in our Thirstyness, prisoners were claimed left and right in Cottonwood Heights that day. An 8 hour build filled with stony boolin led to the destruction of skis and a few homies. Meeks broke his eye socket and screamed like a 5th grade girl, Tone had a Cam Riley like moment and Heffy knocked it outa the park per usual. Perhaps watching all of his homies go down urged Heffy further into the backcountry, and there is no doubt that his success on one fischer, and one kitten factory ski was the first step in an inevitable transition to the Chicken Factory cult. Carbon Fiber ski's clearly hold up better than your average pelican stick!


by keeshjoona
Apr 2015 - 12.4K views

This time I want to present "ABSOLUTE KEESHLIFE".
Filmed in Ruka & Absolut Park.
Filming: Markus Schröder, Antti Ollila, Kilian Hänninen, Otso Räisänen & Elias Syrjä.
Huge thanks to Levi, Völkl, Marker, Dalbello, Allic Ski Company, Bern Unlimited, Stoked Sports Professionals, Keeshlife homies and family for the support!!
instagram: @joonakangas

The Golden Age

by toast
Nov 2015 - 18.7K views

The Golden Age is the story of six Summit County skiers, told through a grandfather's memories some years in the future. Filmed in Colorado and Oregon during the 2015-2016 winter and summer seasons.

Directed, Written, Filmed, Edited by
Gavin Rudy

Skiing by
Ethan Swadburg, Noah Wallace, Cody Cirillo, Levi Ascher, Kai George, Mark Nowakiwsky

Thanks to
Cole Alexander, Weston Mauz, Eric Fisher, Christian Shackelford, Jay Badgley, Doug Bishop, Cody Ray, Clay Bryant, Andrea Shand, Jack Shand, Bob French, Andrew Karoly, Nathan Cairns, Brendan Gesior, The Aschers, The Swadburgs, The Georges, Mom, Dad, Delaney Rudy, Dan Brown, Chris Krance, Topher Plimpton, Rick Ascher, Roy Tuscany, Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson, Jim Borchardt, Mike Waesche

Support from
Phunkshun Wear (
Bloom Outerwear (
Newschoolers (
RMU Skis (
Scott Sports (
Faction Skis (
Full Tilt (
Pup's Glide Shop (
High Fives Foundation (
Slope Style (

Bibio - Dopplerton (
Odesza - Always This Late (
A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (
Woodkid - The Golden Age (
Alt-J - Every Other Freckle (
Foxygen - On Blue Mountain (
Javelin - Intervales Theme (

Neighborhood Parks with Tom Wallisch

by Kretzschmar
Sep 2015 - 12.1K views

Follow iconic freeskier Tom Wallisch as he showcases his terrain park talent from the resorts of his youth to the city he now calls home. Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Tom's neighborhood haunts consisted of Seven Springs, PA and Wisp Resort, MD, eventually heading west to Park City, UT. In Neighborhood Parks, watch as Tom dismantles all three resorts in a span of three-and-a-half minutes.

Spectral 5 - Carinthia Superpark

by SkiTheEast...
Jul 2015 - 16.8K views

Carinthia at Mount Snow, VT is an entire mountain dedicated to park skiing and riding, making it the raddest place to lap jumps and rails in the East . At the end of the season, Ski The East had the privilege of working with mountain to create a Superpark out of the remaining snow.

Spectral: the 13th annual production from Ski The East and Meathead Films is a web series featuring everything from earn-your-turns backcountry to make-your-own urban. This is the full spectrum of skiing in the Northeast.

Day Franzen
Dave Meeker

Tyler Duncan | Jake Muller | Cole Derrick | Emile Bergeron | Martin Boulais | Sam Zahner | Will Hibbs | Tim Ryan | Keegan Kilbride


Wicked Tuna Gang 6

by wickedtunagang
May 2015 - 9.1K views

The travelling gang of Tunas follows The Gulf Stream on an epic quest to Norways wierdest spring skiing.

@andreydstebo @slettalaen #øssi @torgrimaanestad @henrikwj @erikejsing

Midasu - The Forgotten Japan Footage - Part One: Machi

by ON3P
Mar 2015 - 4.4K views

A little over a year ago John Ware, Luke Tanaka and Karl Fostvedt went to Japan to ski. The trip was plagued with problems, and ended with a corrupted hard drive.
This season, Karl returned to Japan and came home with a backup drive that was forgotten there the year before.This is episode one of three to be released for free online in the coming weeks.
"Episode One: Machi" chronicles the first days of the trip, skiing urban in and around Kitahiroshima.
Skiing by John Ware and Karl Fostvedt. Filmed by Mike McLeod. Edited by Mike McLeod, AJ Dakoulas and John Ware.
Music: Dillon Copper - "Kung Foo"