Maine Hype Season

by north_coast
Nov 22nd - 458 views

little bit of early season action from the most hype time of year. first week at the river and the loaf skiers in order of appearance: -Ben Amburgey -Rowan Stamp -David Baird -Sam Scheff -Isaac Wright -Kyle Joseph (boardsliding clout god supreme)

sko buffs

by nolaan
Nov 22nd - 493 views

Alex Nolan's 2016-2017 season edit. It turned out to be one of the best winters yet due to all the opportunities presented and the friends I linked up with. Huge thanks to CU Freeskiing for providing and all the boys and girls on the team. Also big ups to those that filmed: Tim Nolan, Stewart Wells, Jason Castle, Jack Benziger. Thanks to the sponsors as well: Christy Sports Atomic Skis Giro Snow The Karma Tree Movement

Queen City - Short Film

by 802masif
Nov 22nd - 666 views

With a firing winter in 2017, a collaboration of like minded individuals, and highlighted up and coming talents on the East Coast linked up and got after it. As Burlington, VT being their home city, the crew consisting of Level 1 SuperUnknown Finalist Zach Masi, Semi Finalist Alex Keimel, and Mark Hendry set out to find the city's best and most creative street spots. The crew also traveled to Boston in search of some renowned and iconic spots around the city. We proudly present Queen City, our short film from the 2017 season. We set out to film and capture a little glimpse of what the East Coast Urban scene has to offer, as well as having fun and staying true to ourselves. Skiing : Zach Masi, Alex Keimel, Mark Hendry Additional : Calvin Lyons, Andrew Bock, Griffin Dahl, Justin McPartland Film : Cam Willis, Alex Haughton, Sid Callaghan, Griffin Dahl Editing / Color : Mark Hendry @esoxmvp @marky____markk


by Sz.Karpiel
Nov 22nd - 162 views

Since winter is almost here i've managed to put together shots that i was lucky enough to shoot with my french friend Julien Eustache back in april in American parks of Keystone A51 Terrain Park and Breckenridge Ski Resort

1617 Park Self Edit

by p-fo
Nov 21st - 269 views

Action from @stevenspassparks and @missionridgeparks last season. Thanks to Brad and Loaf for the clips, Clayton for the Mission Ridge plug, and to everyone else who came along and filmed or inspired last season @chief_peef_ @thesauceposse Song: Break You Down -- Kamaiyah


by hoodcrew
Nov 21st - 5K views

Huge thanks to everyone who made last season so insane, major shoutouts to sanch, gustav, oliver, jay volak, scott andrus, erik olson, jared winkler, jack borland, cmack, keeshcrew, magnus graner and my parents

Superpark 21 - Part 1

by eheath
Nov 21st - 4.7K views

Part 1 of 3 from Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain this spring. Part one features Dale Talkington, Nicky Keefer, Bernie Rosow and Alex Hall, enjoy!

Synopsis | We Are The Coterie

by Newschoolers
Nov 21st - 258 views

Presented by Soul Ryders, PepPod, and The Coterie. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, rock climbing, travel, BMX, skateboarding, mountains, lakes, nature, and more... The best in the world shredding all over the world in the most serene environments. Featuring: Kalen Thorien, Nicky Keefer, Will Jackways, and more! Directed by: Mark Kogelmann Filmed and edited by: Jeffrey Loewe of Wood Block Creative and Jacob Callaghan.

THIS IS HOME - Utah Segment

by Faction
Nov 21st - 2.8K views

Johnny Collinson welcomed Sam Anthamatten and Duncan Adams to his HOME in Little Cottonwood, Utah, the gateway to the Wasatch mountains that shaped Johnny into the freeridin', freewheelin' ripper that he is today. The riders show off the best of Johnny's backyard secret spots and favourite lines - charging couloirs, hucking cornices and stomping cliffs. The result is this full Utah segment, straight out of THIS IS HOME, released early for your viewing pleasure. Kick back and enjoy! THIS IS HOME will drop on December 5. Be the first to get it. Sign up at Shot on Location: Wasatch Mountains, Utah, USA Edited By: Etienne Merel Filmed By: Etienne Merel, Blue Max Media Music: All Eyes - Post War Years Copyright (c) The Faction Collective SA Please only use and share this embed code of the official video. Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.

Mute Grab Compilation

by theslvsh
Nov 21st - 377 views

Who's got the dopest mute? Featuring Slapp users: 0:00 Vilmer Ivarsson 0:03 Siver Voll 0:06 Alex Bellemare 0:11 Joss Christensen 0:16 Matt Walker 0:19 Jonas Aas 0:22 Mark Hendrickson 0:26 Cody Wilder Ray 0:30 Quinn Wolferman 0:36 Mark Nowakiwsky 0:42 Emil Granbom 0:47 Dean Bercovitch 0:51 Henning Hansen Pytte

2017 Rab

by Spitfyre94
Nov 20th - 243 views

Preseason is here. The boys and I are STOKED!!! Throughin down at Rabbit Hill but most importantly crushing beers. And holy fuck do we love KFED'S!! Drinkers: @bryaansmith244, @smithy_j, @jhoo58, @corbinblack

St. Anton with Patrick Bessert [Short Edit 2017]

by SeasonSports
Nov 20th - 254 views

It looks like freeride maniac Patrick Bessert had his dose of pow is St. Anton! RIDERS/IG Patrick Bessert: @patrickbessert WHO ARE SEASONSPORTS Web: Facebook: Instagram: SEASONSPORTS .. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel #seasonsports Waves, Sun, Snow & Fun!


by qyleberry
Nov 19th - 75 views

First friday insta edit with zack, brandon, ethan, and joe. Good times not good quality

Justin JUICE Kennedy 2017

by OnSlaught
Nov 19th - 1.5K views

Another best year ever, got to ride everything from the streets, to the park, and the backcountry! Big thanks to everyone who filmed, built, or was a part of this in any way! Here's to another great year!

HOMESTEAD Presented by Somewon

Nov 19th - 1.3K views

The Acres, together with See Revelstoke, Somewon Snow, and Valley Retreat bring you HOMESTEAD. Follow this crew of local shredders away from the lift lines and off follow this crew of local shredders away from the lift lines and off the tourist trail into real life in Revelstoke. The Acres is a healthy mix of everything good; Ski, sled, snowboard, no-board; Brought together by their mutual passions and love for the mountains.

Promised Land - Series Trailer

by SkiTheEast...
Nov 19th - 1K views

Welcome to the Promised Land. A region of dreamers, deep snow and drastic weather, the East Coast has a bit of everything. When it’s good out here, it’s really good and when it’s bad, well, it just builds character. Though many East Coast skiers will venture to faraway lands during their lives, our Promised Land keeps them coming back. It’s the camaraderie, the beauty of the struggle, and those wicked sweet Nor’eastah storms that bring them home. ___________________________ Promised Land is the 14th annual production by Ski The East. Featuring the Ski The East team shredding everything from record-breaking storms in Vermont to rowdy custom jumps in Maine. ___________________________ Subaru of New England presents: Promised Land A Ski The East Web Series Proudly Support by: Subaru K2 Skis FEATURING Tim Mcclellan | Dylan Dipentima | Noah Ranallo | Brooks Curran | Zach Masi | Brian Gardiner |Casey Arnold | Bobby Sullivan | Jacob Belanger | Fred Lavoie | Tyler Duncan | Jon Steltzer | Nicky Hartmann | Sam Gnoza | Ryan Funke | Joe Fusare | & Friends SHOT ON LOCATION AT Stowe | Jay Peak | Whiteface | Mad River Glen | RoundTop | Sunday River PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY Cam Willis, Geoff McDonald & Chris James EDITED BY Cam Willis CINEMATOGRAPHY Cam Willis | Geoff McDonald | Zach Walbridge | Brooks Curran | Matt Kiedaisch | Chris Dejohn | Jack Whitney | Marc Bryce | Nick Beauregard TRAILER MUSIC Life Underwater - Flagship