by -Dan
Jun 2016 - 1.6K views

Filmed Jan 2014 before SIA. I scraped production of this one in favor of making the SIA one which got me acceptance into the NS producer program. At the time it was a really big deal to me.
Anyway this footage features my CALI roommates doing mad regular shit that I for some reason have kept for all this time. Next up will be more traditional Trudays format for my trip to Sweden later this same year. Enjoy this in the mean time and peep the latest drop from Arsenic:

The Truvie

by -Dan
Oct 2014 - 4.2K views

A Tall T Trudays Movie. Watch this with some friends because thats how I filmed it and that is the only reason it has been so much fun.

Tall T Trudays: I'm making a movie

by -Dan
Sep 2014 - 3.1K views

This is a video that I'm using to announce that I'm releasing a Trudays Movie aka The Truvie. The video here is not a trailer for that movie, and pretty much has nothing to do with anything. It exists because I have these clips saved and wanted to share them. Thanks! DAIS.

Tall T Trudays: Frank & JetLife

by -Dan
Jan 2014 - 4.9K views

#4 I went back East for Christmas to see my family. Unfortunately, between a minor injury, weather, and not having a car, I was only able to ski once while home. Sugarbush is the best place to be and I'm glad I had a chance to check it out this season. We're all back in Cali now and ready to be chill and talk to blondes. Some quick notes: Lip on blind two is the only trick in the world. Anywhere with the right people. It's not about what someone else sees in you. It's about what you see in yourself. dai5

Tall T Trudays: Jeremie & Sleep

by -Dan
Dec 2013 - 5K views

#3 I'd like to thank the local skiers and riders of Bear for welcoming us openly to the mtn they've been enjoying for years. The five of us are excited to be here for most of the winter. The holidays have me back on the East, but I'll still be getting around and enjoying the snow with my friends. See ya in the new year. Some quick notes. Lip on blind two is the only trick in the world. Buy your t-shirts from fellow snow-sports enthusiasts. ( Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. dai5

Tall T Trudays: Sheldon & Thanksgiving

by -Dan
Dec 2013 - 11.7K views

#2 The crew has settled into our cabin up in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest. We've skied everyday since Bear opened and it looks like we'll keep up with perfect attendance for a while. Our friend SeanTom is flying in this friday and Kieran will be up for the weekend as well. Some quick notes: Lip on blind two is the only trick in the world. Buy your glass from a fellow snow-sports enthusiast. ( ) An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way. dai5

Tall T Trudays: Cross Country

by -Dan
Nov 2013 - 6.9K views

#1 We've moved out to California after a 17 day road trip around the US. Thank you to everyone they showed us a great time in your neck of the woods and to those that let us crash on your couches. We're settling in to our cabin out here in Big Bear Lake. Yesterday I picked up the other three guys at LAX so now we're a full house. Some quick notes: Snowboarders and skiers can be friends. Lip on blind two is the only trick in the world. The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.