Eliot Deleo 2k16

by 860media*
Nov 2016 - 2K views

As a true OG of Carinthia you can catch Eliot killing it on a daily basis. even with such a rough winter last year, we were still able to log some pretty ill shots! Check em out and let us know what ya think!

Runnin With the 860

by 860media*
Mar 2015 - 1.1K views

Between filming for our movie coming out this fall we took some smooth laps through Carinthia. We meet up with some of the real OG's and took some hot laps. Check out our riding and dont forget to head over to and grab yourself a fresh hoodie!!!!!

I Feel That

by 860media*
Mar 2015 - 2.6K views

After a few long weeks in the street the crew linked up back at home turf for some laps. Filmed for only two days, but managed to have some ill weather and soft laps. Made it a great transition from the rusty handrails we have been hitting the past few weeks. Make sure to keep your eye out for our first film coming out! and be sure to get yourself a fresh new hoodie for spring at

9mm Go Bang

by 860media*
Jan 2015 - 7.3K views

The 860 crew surfing around Carinthia like they always have. The new year brought us some cold and nasty weather but we managed to still have a killer winter break. Keep your eye out for more content soon!!!!!

Chris DeJohn Cinematography Reel

by 860media*
Oct 2014 - 1.3K views

These are some of my favorite shots from my film collection over the past two years. Over these years I have had the chance to attend various Urban trips, Park Shoots, Weddings, and Performances. I would like to thank anyone who has helped me along the way, and got me where I am today. I am excited to see where my camera brings me in the future and excited to meet all the interesting people along the way. Shoutout to the Skiers//Ross Imburgia, Lj Strenio, Mike Dejohn, Lupe Hagearty, Emile Bergeron

Mike DeJohn 2k14

by 860media*
Sep 2014 - 1.2K views

Traveled around his year filming for the Style Files and kicked it a a lot in the cabin in Vermont. My brother was always there blending in but always sticking out on a pair of sticks......Engineer or Thug you decide? Lip on Blind 2 for the Dais homies.

Chris DeJohn 2k14

by 860media*
Nov 2014 - 3.7K views

Some of the clips I acquired over the year in between filming everyone else. Huge shoutout to Brett Coffin who filmed most of this! Your more likely to see him on the mountain with a glidecam instead of poles!

Lupe Hagearty|Street 2014

by 860media*
Nov 2014 - 13.5K views

Lupe Hagearty was on the absolute grind last year. This was what he was able to capture while traveling around city to city looking for rails. You might have seen this in Street Nations new movie Achy Bliss check it out!!!!! Shout out to the filmers and anyone else who helped us out along the way!!! Big Thanks: Nordica, The Studio, Carinthia, Shred, Digit and Suburban sports!

World Turnin'

by 860media*
Jan 2014 - 3.4K views

A couple early season days in Nov./ Dec. with homies old and new. Flows from: Sam Zahner, Chris Dejohn, Mike Dejohn, TMTK, Phil Geyser, and Lupe Hagearty. HQ:

Lupe Hagearty | Season Edit 2013

by 860media*
Oct 2013 - 9.2K views

Nordica's Lupe Hagearty's 2012-2013 season edit. Filmed By: Brett Coffin, Liam Mckinely, and Sam Marino. Additional footage provided by Chris Dejohn and Evan Heath. Put in work.

Laps with Lupe | Nitro

by 860media*
Mar 2013 - 2.8K views

A few casual laps with Lupe Hagearty at Mt. Snow, Excuse the over-exposure, Choppin Bricks like Karate 860 Media | The Studoo Clothing | Filmed and Edited: Brett Coffin

860 Media | Collectage

by 860media*
Aug 2013 - 3.9K views

Pulled a bunch of clips from this season. Some stuff you may have seen, most you haven't. Trill.

860 Media: The Lost Edit

by 860media*
Aug 2012 - 2.4K views

After my computer was destroyed by a dog in March we thought all footage may have been lost, thankfully this was not the case. So 7 months overdue, here's urban and park footy from February/March!

860 Media Ep. 1: Drought

by 860media*
Jan 2012 - 5.1K views

While theres been no snow on the east coast, (or anywhere) we have made the best with what we have.

860 Media: Januairy

by 860media*
Feb 2011 - 8.1K views

Shots from Mt. Snow, Ski sundown, and various urban spots. Songs: Go Crazy, Young Jeezy Passed Out, White Apple Tree Beggin, Madcon Back in The Days Yes, January is spelled like this... i know