by twoshanes
Apr 2016 - 908 views

My boy TJ likes to film and I like to ski. Normally I'd leave the editing to him, but I got bored on a plane so here are my "shots" from the 2015/2016 season. Shout out to Oreo for all the support. I"M THE BEST SKIER ON THE MOUNTAIN!

No Style, Just Balls

by twoshanes
Apr 2017 - 9.1K views

I'm the best skier on the mountain, deal with it.

Shout out to Bryce, Nils, Nate, Dan, Hunter, Jaromie, Tucker, and Tyler for filming my stupidity

I still get a trophy, right?

by twoshanes
May 2018 - 837 views

I didn't go as big as last year, and I still can't pop, but damn, this season was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that motivated me to recklessly huck my meat. Only bails until about 1:30, enjoy.