Summer 16

by Hondro
May 2016 - 649 views

The school year is over and summer is blasting off! Here is some hot spring ripping, skateboarding, and partying.. enjoy.

Scrap Yard

by Hondro
Jun 2017 - 1.1K views

Finally got around to digging through all the scraps of footage from the 2017 winter. Skiing Mainly in Revelstoke BC, and some shots from Ontario.

Revelstoke BC Backcountry

by Hondro
Feb 2020 - 289 views

January was rad. I am hardly a fraction of where I want to be with videography. Pretty stoked to start dedicating more time into some bigger projects. Follow...

LOVE - A Big Mountain Ski Film

by Hondro
May 2020 - 1K views

I filmed for this project all of the 2019/2020 season, and my goal from the beginning was to capture everything I love about winter. This winter was a blast ... I hope you had fun too and maybe this can help ya relive it a bit!