The Darkside

by Noah_W
Sep 2013 - 10.9K views

Earlier this summer Reed and I began planning on making the first ever ski edit only featuring two African American skiers. From then on we filmed heavily in the afternoons after coaching at Windells for a couple weeks. Had a blast skiing this summer with Reed, and hope everyone enjoys the edit. This, is the Darkside. Filmed on: GoPro Hero 3 - Black Edition Filmed by: Reed Lewis, Noah Wallace, Joey Vandermeer, Pete Arneson, and Jack Borland


by loopcrew
Jun 2009 - 17.7K views

Here it is! This is the second edit by the LOOP crew before the LOOP clothing comes. This video includes 1620, triple and double flips both ways!! Thanks to Jens for camera and Erik Uller and Jonathan Wikborg for filming!

Luke Hagearty Summer Edit

by miroz
Aug 2010 - 13.5K views

Lupe's Stereo Contest entry - kid killed it, hit up the contest page and drop a vote. Stay tuned for more edits! If you like it, drop a vote:

Windells Session 5, 2014: Summer Skiing

by Windells
Jul 2014 - 14.2K views

With another brand new park for this session, Surface skis came through and made sure to keep the good times rolling, Whether it was on or off the hill, the crew jumped and jibbed every feature with style. And of course, it wouldn't be Surface week without their signature Tie-Dye Tuesday. Featured Riders: Cam Boll, Evan McEacheran, Banks Gilberti, Khai Krepela, Maximilliam Smith, Jonah Williams, Nicky Keefer, Magnus Graner, Steve Stepp, Alec Nelson, Will Berman, Joey van der Meer, Karl Fostvedt

The Slopestyle Edit

by Momentum
Jan 2013 - 13K views

Coached by: Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James 'Woodsy' Woods, TJ Schiller, Mike Riddle, Alex Schlopy, Paul Bergeron, Alexi Godbout, Rory Bushfield, Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk, Corey Vanular, Peter Olenick, Riley Leboe, Josh Bibby, Dave Crichton plus more! Female Coaches: Roz Groenewoud, Meg Gunning, Anas Caradeux, Dania Assaly, Maude Raymond, Jess Reedy plus more! The Freeride program is designed to teach you skills in the park and pipe. With the largest summer skiing-only terrain in North America, we have available a progression of jumps and rails to fit all levels of skiers. We also have 2 on-snow airbags, trampolines and a full water ramp facility to help train your aerial skills, as well as using the new Foam Pit facility at the Olympic Training Centre.

Dan Dougherty A Few Days of Summer

by dandougherty
Aug 2011 - 5.7K views

I spent May in california and june and july in whistler so i only had a few weeks at home and a few days without work before school to try to put something together. this is what came out of it. Thank you to Line, Full Tilt,, and Willi's Ski Shop

Juice 2011: $

by joey.
Jul 2011 - 3.9K views

The $econd edit of 2011 displays cliff jumping, bridge jumping & ropeswinging in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. (Vimeo probably plays smoother.)

Windells 1, 2011

by Windells
Jun 2011 - 4.7K views

Summer 2011 has officially begun and Session 1 is in the books! Mother Nature has been generous this winter and we've got more snow than we know what to do with. Combine that with around a dozen new features and you've got an amazing place to ride!