First backflips on airbag

by Petar_Dimanov
Apr 2016 - 187 views

I did my first backflip attempts on the airbag and found them super easy. I wanted to try them on snow next week but a cyst on my tailbone appeared and I had to go through a surgery to remove it. Therefore my season was over and I have to wait for the next season to attempt the backflip on snow on which I'm pretty confident that I will land it first try.

Sunday therapy

by Petar_Dimanov
Jan 2017 - 46 views

A local bar in the city where I live got a PVC tube in it's backyard a couple of days ago and I thought this would be a really good chance for me to start learning some jib. This was shot after three days of hitting the tube. I'm still not satisfied with the progress I made for these three days but slowly I will get there.

First backflip on snow

by Petar_Dimanov
Jan 2017 - 885 views

I've been waiting for the proper conditions to try my first backflip ever on snow and yesterday I felt pretty good with the jump so I decided to layout my first backflip. It felt really natural and controlled, tried it 4 more times and stomped the shit out of it all of it everytime.