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3 years in 3 minutes

by louis.charnaud
Mar 21st - 40 views

Reminiscing on past times with all these amazing skiers I’ve been blessed to ride with and shoot 🙏 so here is a wee compilation of some of my favourite shots & moments I’ve taken over the past 3 years in no particular order. Enjoy! @Monsroyale Skiers - Konsti Ottner Colter hinchliffe Theo cheli Yann rausis Logan pehota Alistair Garland Seb varlet Craig murray Hank bilous Tom brownlee Manu barnard George rodney Charles murray Sam allen Sam Lee Tom gratadour Matt sweet

NZ | 18

by louis.charnaud
Sep 2018 - 270 views

a brief video of how winter went down here in NZ Edit - Louis Charnaud Skiers - Louis Charnaud Matt Sweet Craig Murray Sam Ibex Lee Hank Bilous Cooper Bathgate Oliver Jeffs Jess Hotter Tao Kreibich Mike Handford Kit Clinton-Baker David Deliv Alistair Garland Mathieu KH Gschwandtner Patrick Daniel Halgren Calum MacAllister Blake Marshall

On The Road.

by louis.charnaud
Apr 2018 - 649 views

Hell of a winter. Skiers- Craig Murray Charles Murray Logan Pehota Griffen Moller Carl Cooper Oli Allen Alessandro Jossen Guim Campeny Sam Lee George Rodney Yann Rausis Drew Tabke with the ridiculous hot tub at the end.

Flat Light Flipping

by louis.charnaud
Nov 2017 - 391 views

Regardless of how rubbish the visibility is you can still have fun and go ski (its just really hard) . Enjoy! Location - TrebleCone (Chutes) Skiers - Karl Fostvedt / Manu Barnard / Seb Varlet / Carl Renvall / Konsti Ottner / Fraser Mcdougall / Sam Allen

Sam Lee - Treble Cone 2017

by louis.charnaud
Oct 2017 - 623 views

A brief video of Sam Lee skiing at Treble Cone this winter just passed. TC has to be one of the best training grounds in the world as the snow is always unpredictable some could say it is "variable". Film & Edit Louis Charnaud Enjoy !

NZ | 17

by louis.charnaud
Oct 2017 - 434 views

A short but sweet video of my time in New Zealand this past winter I was fortunate enough to meet some pretty wicked people and was even more stoked to ski/film with them too! Skier's - Konstantin Ottner Colter Hinchliffe Sebastien Varlet Theo Cheli Carl Renvall Manu Banard Hank Bilous Tom Brownlee

Verbier Freeride Week event wrap up by Mons Royale

by louis.charnaud
Jan 2017 - 624 views

Everyone brought their A-game to the Verbier Freeride Week 2017 last week which went down with a solid 1-2 feet of fresh snow! Check out the new #FWQ event wrap up presented by Mons Royale here: Louis Charnaud, Sam Allen and Will Tucker take us for a ride to show us what they got up to this past week! #DROPIN

2 Morning Laps

by louis.charnaud
Jan 2017 - 599 views

12/01/17 First video of the new year. Jibbing around at Hirli. Zermatt. The light was not in our favour so we only shot for two laps and went for coffee.


by louis.charnaud
Oct 2016 - 901 views

highlights from the 2016 season in NZ. Enjoy! This has easily been the best season I have had yet in NZ and have met some pretty awesome folks! skiers Louis charnaud Sam Allen Konsti Ottner Hank Bilous Charles Murray Xavi Thiebaud

Spring Lap At Treble Cone

by louis.charnaud
Sep 2016 - 361 views

A short Iphone edit of Sam Allen messing about on easy rider going top to bottom... The snow is heaps slushy now and landings are sketchy. so we stayed close to the ground and kept it mellow