Quick Clips- 2018/2019

by lcoopman
Mar 2019 - 746 views

Ski season is pretty much over, so here are a few quick clips. I'll release a full edit with the full clips in a little bit!

Big White
Mt Baker
Loveland Pass

Revelstoke Jump

by lcoopman
Feb 2020 - 3.9K views

Made a jump and did a few flips. Learned I cant land switch.
Didn't quite get the pop I was looking for on the last flip...

Leif Coopman- 2019/2020

by lcoopman
Apr 2020 - 413 views

Here's some highlight of 2019 and 2020 ski season. I wasn't able to ski too much this year, due to being super busy at school and COVID. Only ended up getting 20 ish days. Thanks to all the filmers!

Loveland pass road gap backies

by lcoopman
Mar 2021 - 356 views

Some GoPro backflip clips from Loveland pass yesterday (sorry no other angles as the other camera was being used for photos). Once we get another round of snow I'll build another gap (if anyone is down!)