Season Cut

by BianKarrett
Sep 2018 - 1.7K views

Gr8 season gr8 people
Shout out Nick Schoess, Alex Havey, Michel Justen, Sam Lobinsky, Lenni Justen, Nick Valento, Erik Bergerson, Tweak, and all the cabin 17 homies who filmed
Also Shoutout David @ Troll and the fellow park crew homies for making it an amazing season

Kian Barrett // 2020

by BianKarrett
Jul 2020 - 2.9K views

Merged my clips into one big clip. Huge S/O to Coby h, Jack K, Sam L, Hannah P, Nick S, Michel J, and any other homies who pointed a camera or hyped me up this season. One more Shoutout to J skis and Trollhaugen for doing what they do and keeping the passion alive.