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Disco Dicks Vol.2

by bueno
Jan 14th - 435 views

turns out there is a volume two. day 1 at Mount St. Louis earlier in December. don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe

Gaper Day 2018

by bueno
Oct 2018 - 1.2K views

Closing day on Blackcomb went off in Jersey Cream park, shit got loose but everyone walked away so we blessed

City Booter Sunset Session

by bueno
Apr 2018 - 377 views

A bunch of homies sending 'City Booter' up on Mt. Seymour during a beauty sunset over Vancouver. I was mostly taking photos at the shoot but was super stoked to have a few good clips to put something together. Shout out to Peter Siemens for organizing the session!


by bueno
Feb 2018 - 2.4K views

Met up with Rae for some filming in Ontario, we didn’t get as much time on jumps as we wanted but stoked to get enough to put something together.

Urban 5 kink

by bueno
Feb 2017 - 600 views

I've been wanting to hit this rail at my school for 2 years, just had to wait for a time when staff weren't around to shut it down