Murphy802's Videos


by Murphy802
Feb 24th - 518 views

A day's worth of sliding rails with the crew. (jumps were a bit crusty) Skiers, in order of 1st appearance: Ryder Hathaway Michael Murphy John Greenacre Connor Starr Curran Murphy Andrew Lesko

A Tribute to Okemo: MM17/18

by Murphy802
Jun 2018 - 1.1K views

Michael Murphy 2017/2018 Season Edit The last year of Okemo under family operation. HERE COMES VAIL! A mixtape of footage gathered throughout the course of the 2017/2018 ski season. 'Twas an awesome season. A big thank you goes out to all the coaches, filmers, family and friends. Music: "White Room" -- Cream "Bennie and the Jets" -- Elton John

Michael Murphy 2016/2017 Season Edit

by Murphy802
Jun 2017 - 2.9K views

*WATCH IN HD* I was privileged to have such a remarkable season, consisting of a few podiums in competitions and amazing times with all my friends. A big thank you goes out to everyone who filmed, coached, or helped make this season awesome! @mmurphy802

Endless Season

by Murphy802
Mar 2017 - 3.2K views

We've been getting treated too well in Vermont recently. Check out some footage from March. Thanks to those who filmed as usual! Enjoy!

Kenny G

by Murphy802
Feb 2017 - 2.3K views

Video we gathered during February in between competitions. Shout out to coaches and friends who took their time to point cameras! Enjoy! @omsfreeski

Uptown Woes

by Murphy802
Jan 2017 - 3.3K views

Footy from the whole gang during late December and early January! Thanks to all filmers and coaches! (HD + Headphones recommended) ENJOY! @omsfreeski

July 2016 Water Ramp Footage

by Murphy802
Aug 2016 - 955 views

Went to Lake Placid for 4 days with my team and had a blast and learned lots of new stuff. Thanks a ton to Lenny Ancuta and Mike Bruno for coaching, filming, and setting up this awesome week!