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Keegan Morrone in "Winter Balance"

by KeeganM
Oct 2017 - 4.9K views

I spent the past winter balancing a packed comp season with different avenues of my skiing career, and this is the result.
Filmed by:
Noah Maisonet
Ryan Statham
Rudy Brown
Andreas Massitti
Emma Dinh

Song: Aloha Moon (Deluxe Version) by Magic Wands

Keegan Morrone 2015

by KeeganM
Sep 2015 - 1.4K views

With a lack of snow across western Canada, skiers as a whole where forced to get creative in zones that may have been unimaginable in previous seasons. I was no exception. This past season was a year of pushing boundaries while dealing with unexpected circumstances. I would like to thank Monod Sports, Smith Optics, RMF, and my friends and family for the continued support throughout the season.

Filmed by:
Andrew Laver
Garrett Capel
Tristan Martin-Preney
Patrick Brown