JP this ones for you

by cp_7
Sep 2014 - 1.2K views

JP, you will be missed more than you could ever know. You're a legendary skier and all round person. You were the driving force behind my choice to start skiing; and my parents choice to let me. When I was 11 I was going through youtube and your segment in All I Can came up as a recommended. I remember watching that video, seeing the backflip, 3 over cars, and road gap and thinking "I want to do that". I showed my dad and he thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. I wanted to be just like you. That year I bought my first pair of twin tips and started skiing park, and I've never looked back. You were an inspiration to every one of us. It seems only fitting that you go out doing what you loved the most, skiing gnarly terrain. SIP JP

Gunny Grillin'

by cp_7
Jan 2017 - 72 views

Warm Saturdays at the rock call for a little bit of grillin' and a lil bit of chillin', and a whole lotta skiin'