Bear Necessities Episode 2

by BearMountain
Jan 2014 - 936 views

The Second Episode of Bear Necessities brings you Miles Fulton, Sebastien Chartrand, Sean McGowan, Tucker Keating, Martin Boulais, Dominic Laporte and Hugo Pelletier all dropping hammers!

2014 Bear Necessities Episode 1

by BearMountain
Jan 2014 - 2.1K views

Ladies and Gentleman Bear Necessities is back!! For the first episode of the 2013/2014 season we bring you a little local talent with Craig Coker, Tucker Keating and Sean McGowan. Check back soon for more episodes including a full Saga edit as well as the Tabarnak Pack from Canada!

2014 Bear Necessities Episode 2

by BearMountain
Feb 2014 - 6.2K views

In this episode of Bear Necessities the Saga team visited The People's Park to stack some shots in the California sun. Utah native John Kutcher came out along with Dylan Manley and web famous Steve Stepp. Watch them along with local ripper Sean McGowan get down and dirty as they get ready for the premier ski jib event, War of Rails!

2014 War Of Rails

by BearMountain
Mar 2014 - 8.4K views

The fifth annual War of Rails went down with an unbelievable array of tricks. W.o.R has been deemed "the hybrid of ski competitions" and some of the industries top athletes gathered to participate.

2015 Bear Necessities Ep. 1

by BearMountain
Jan 2015 - 1.1K views

The Saga Outerwear gang from Utah came down to sunny So Cal to check out the best snow in California in this year first episode of Bear Necessities. Watch Craig Coker, John Kutcher, Steve Stepp, Dylan Manley and Jake Doan ski through Bear Mountains fully stacked park. Riders: Craig Coker @craig.coker John Kutcher @johnkutcher Steve Stepp @stevestepp Dylan Manley @d.manley Jake Doan @jake_doan Filmers: Mark Thalman @markthalman Lee Stockwell @leestock Craig Coker @craig.coker Edit: Mark Thalman

Bear Mountains Powder Bowl 1

by BearMountain
Feb 2015 - 669 views

In honor of 2015 Super Bowl 49, Bear Mountain hosted the first annual Powder Bowl! Bear Mountain VS Snow Summit- Who will win Bear Team Roster Clayton Shoemaker QB Chace Richwine C Jon McDonald WR Brandon Reppond WR Denis Leontyev RB Jordan Small K Summit Team Roster Ryan Wormsbecker QB Jimbo Rollins C Kirk Kauffman WR Cody Westbrook WR Stevie Bell RB Christian Mecum FB Buzz Hollbrook K Directed By: Lee Stockwell Filmed By: Lee Stockwell Mark Thalman Adam Ruzzamenti Photo By: Jared Meyer Edited By: Lee Stockwell & Mark Thalman Voice Over: Clayton Shoemaker