An Ugly Plant

by JoeyT
Mar 2014 - 52 views

my only clip from last weekend, a not pretty misty plant :/ had a few better ones with more speed/ better tuck

Cuervo the Dog slays SantaFe

by JoeyT
May 2014 - 560 views

Late season mush with my Pup, Hiked up to the peak to squeeze one more run out of the NM season. Sorry bout the noise shakes, broke my gopro case a ferw weeks ago and still havent replaced.

The Mountains Are Calling

by JoeyT
Dec 2016 - 758 views

A dog powered journey north from Albuquerque NM to Wolf Creek ski area in Southern Colorado, with my Akita/Husky cross Cuervo. Music is "If I Dont Go To Hell...