Tabarnak Pack "Calisse"

by Tabarnak Pack
Dec 2013 - 14.9K views

The Pack makes the mistake of trying to hit urban on Friday the 13th, but make it up with a strong finish at the Taxis Holdem and a handful of successful urban missions

Tabarnak Pack "The Finale"

by Tabarnak Pack
Apr 2014 - 63.6K views

For the final episode of the season, we spent the last month travelling around Quebec hitting as much urban as possible. After spending a week in Sherbrooke Marc flew back from Whistler and we heading up to Saguenay!

Tabarnak Pack "Chic-Chac's!

by Tabarnak Pack
Feb 2015 - 44.6K views

We had the opportunity to head up to Gaspe and ski some powder in the Chic-Chocks! But first found some rails we had to hit! Marty broke himself off on the first day but we keep going and had an amazing trip!

Tabarnak Pack "Season Recap"

by Tabarnak Pack
Nov 2015 - 11.3K views

After an extremely frustrating start to our second season. We almost thought about giving up on the whole year! But we decided to keep going and bring you as much content as we could! So here is our recap of season 2! Everyone killed it and we got some fresh faces this year! Enjoy