Shredsauce Angles

by Mrworm10
Sep 2014 - 802 views

Found out that you can change the angles in shredsauce if done right and decided to throw this together. Nothing much and super short.

B-Dog Shredsauce Edit Contest #2

by Mrworm10
Dec 2014 - 2.3K views

Threw this together with some leftover clips from the first one and a bunch of new clips on maps that I made specifically for the edit. Had a really fun time making and editing this, hope you all enjoy!

Gabe Wilson 14/15

by Mrworm10
May 2015 - 1.6K views

This is Gabe Wilson's 2014/2015 Season Edit. Gabe's an upcoming young shredder who has seen a lot of improvement in this past season. Next year he hopes to come back with something bigger and better!

Headphones Reccomended || Watch in HD!


by Mrworm10
Aug 2015 - 1.7K views

After seeing a couple dope Shredsauce projects popping up on the front page of Newschoolers I got stoked and decided to throw something together of my own. This is a collective of some of the shots I've gathered over the past month set to a classic Outkast jam. All of the sound effects are taken straight from my own skiing edits. Hope yall enjoy!