Luke Hughes // USA

by Luke_Hughes_
Mar 2015 - 1.9K views

This season i was lucky enough to spend the whole simmer in Colorado. I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped . Ebon supply co, Ballistics wake and snow, Peter legnavsky, mum and dad and all of my friends

/// STOLEN /////

by Luke_Hughes_
Mar 2016 - 1.6K views

So grateful for the opportunities i have been giving this year. I was able to compete and train in Colorado and then go on a month tour around europe where i could compete . I havent skied a day without pain in my ankle so heres what we shot during our little tour. its not alot but i think its enough. This year has been amazing thanks to everyone who helped!!!!!


by Luke_Hughes_
Apr 2017 - 1.5K views

I finally put the planks back on and spun some laps at snowplanet with the boys. Feels good to be filming what I love again :)) Equipment: GH5 Speedbooster…