An Afternoon at PC Pt. 3

by C_Jack
Jan 2013 - 436 views

Sorry for the lack of footage on this one! Second run with the camera, I took a pretty hard fall ending the day for myself. Thanks to Deagle Headwear and Fat-ypus skis! Enjoy!

Get Funkee

by C_Jack
Mar 2013 - 457 views

Just another Gopro edit from one day at PC! Thanks to Fat-ypus skis, Deagle Headwear, Nuun Propaganda, Hoback Sports, and The Avalon7 Collective! Mahalo

PC Slush Laps

by C_Jack
Apr 2013 - 2.2K views

We decided to bust out the camera for one more day of PC. This could have been the most fun day of the year! I know some of the shots are pretty bad, just enjoy! Thanks to Fat-ypus skis, Deagle Headwear, Avalon7, Hoback Sports. Follow us on instagram! @coltbrehmer, @corey_jackson

Crazy Beanz

by C_Jack
Nov 2013 - 277 views

I had an epic summer of skating and messing around in Jackson. Here are some older ski shots and skate footage from this summer. Hyped for winter!

Park City Lappin'

by C_Jack
Jan 2014 - 1.7K views

One minute riding at PC. I had a couple of blurry shots from a few weeks ago, so I decided to put this together! Kings Crown is so dope right now. Thanks to Fat-ypus skis, Deagle Headwear, Smith Optics, Solution Clothing

Grippy sticks with bark

by C_Jack
Feb 2014 - 2.3K views

I forgot my poles on the pow day, luckily #mothernatureskipoles hooked it up! I got inspired to go fast so lots of the shot are shaky. Thanks to Fat-ypus skis, Deagle Headwear, Solution Clothing, Smith Optics. Enjoy!

Corey Jackson 13-14 Season

by C_Jack
May 2014 - 4.9K views

Despite a couple injurys, this was by far the best season of my life. I would like to thank my sponsors, family, friends, and everybody who helped film. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Watch in HD

Coach Poach

by C_Jack
Mar 2015 - 230 views

Cruising around with Team Park City United for all of February was a blast. Thankful to be around such rad athletes and coaches that are willing to film for a lap! Shout out to Fat-ypus Skis and Smith Optics.

Lennon Vaughan, Cam Thuman, Michael VanHatten, Jay Wilder, Ryan Wyble, Tim Ryan


by C_Jack
Jul 2015 - 4.5K views

This was, by far, the most productive season of my life. Being based out of Park City, Utah and working for Team Park City United has allowed me to ski everyday and travel for weeks at a time. Thank you staff and athletes for pushing me to become a better human day to day.

Shout out to Smith Optics for 10 years of support, Avalon 7 for the illest facetubes out, and The Boardroom of Jackson Hole, Aion Headwear for the skateboard essentials.

Filmed by:
Ryan Wyble, Dave Euler, Jay Wilder, Sam Jackenthal, Aiden Ulrich, Michael VanHatten, Cameron Thuman Media, Cameron Zavell, Kysen Hall, Sam Winship, Henry Robarge, Cam Walters, Dominic Windey, Lennon Vaughan, River Graue, William Whitfield.

A Day Off at Key

by C_Jack
Dec 2015 - 4.7K views

16 days on, 1 day off. Filmed in a few hours. Thanks to: Fat-ypus Skis, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Leki, and Aion Headwear.

V8 Juice

by C_Jack
Mar 2016 - 1.5K views

Some of my favorite shots from February!

Fat-ypus, Leki, Shred, Slytech, Aion, The Troupe

BEEFy 5 Layer Summer Burrito

by C_Jack
Aug 2016 - 11.9K views

Oregon is RAD. Huge shoutout to everybody that made the last month and a half such a great time!

Shred, Slytech, Fat-ypus, Leki, Tomahawk, The Troupe, Aion Headwear

Filmed by: Gavin Rudy, Nick Broms, Cam Willis, Sam Winship, Aiden Ulrich


by C_Jack
Jan 2017 - 701 views

i had a good time in colorado, thanks to mitch, reed, and dave for filming.

music by: leon bridges
better man

shred optics, slytech protection, fat-ypus, leki, tomahawk, aion boardshop, troupe