Malin Lagerstedt Shredboner Season edit 13/14

by mallespralle
May 2014 - 2.3K views

Here is my season edit, its been a legit season with awesome friends and dope skiing. Full of Unicorns, little mamas, shredboners and #wannahavemybabies tricks! I am so stoked to be joining the Momentskis team this season! Lake Tahoe California is truly one of my favorite places on earth!

Threesome on a Tuesday

by mallespralle
Mar 2015 - 1.3K views

It's really rare to find a girls crew to shred with but we sure did, Malin Lagerstedt, Brittney White and Courtney Royce. Here is our shred session at Northstar Lake Tahoe. We ski for passion and for the fun of it and we'll claim the shit out of every trick - we share stoke and you can hear us all over the mountain.
Big thanks to Zach Bragdon for filming and putting up with our shenanigans

I am a MOMENT - Malin Lagerstedt

by mallespralle
May 2015 - 996 views

My season in the States 2015. Unfortunately the snow conditions weren't the best this year- it was a serious draught but I've had the best time anyways in Tahoe, Colorado, Jackson and Utah :) Thanks to Trespasser production for filming all season and to Moment Skis, Dragon goggles, Lazer helmets, Hestra gloves and Bavvs for providing me with legit gear.