Anufrievski's Videos

Glider | Teaser

by Anufrievski
Oct 2017 - 734 views

Andrew Anufriev "Glider" Project Rider: Andrew Anufriev Location: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana Filmed and Edited by Alexander Golovkin(LifeSteezeMedia) Main photo by Alexey "Molotov"


by Anufrievski
Sep 2017 - 7.4K views

I spend another best summer ever in beautiful Zermatt. This is first video from that trip filmed 100% on GoPro. Rider-@Anufrievski Location-@Snowparkzermatt

Spring Zermatt laps

by Anufrievski
Jun 2017 - 2.3K views

Random clips from beautiful snowpark Zermatt. This spring park was perfect and the vibes were super chill... Big Thanks to everyone on other side of the cam: Sami Ortlieb, Rob Heule, Will Wesson, Marsel Brunisholz, Mateusz Bocian, Vincent Skretteberg, Andrin Tgetgel

Selfie Airs Zermatt

by Anufrievski
Jan 2017 - 1.1K views

Some selfie-style jumps in one of the best summer parks in Europe! Location: @snowparkzermatt Shot 100% on the HERO4 camera Rider/Filmer- Andrey Anufriev

Andrey Anufriev Ruka laps

by Anufrievski
Jan 2016 - 2.2K views

I spend my first part of this winter in "home-park" in Ruka Finland. I was skiing almost everyday lapping from first chair till last call. It was one of the funniest december ever and thats what i got to show you. Hope you enjoy and like it! PEACE!) Big thanks to all my friend for good company and all my sponsors for make it happend!

Andrey Anufriev summer laps

by Anufrievski
Sep 2015 - 2.4K views

This summer i was lucky to ride almost one month in SnowparkZermatt. Sometimes there was opportunity to shoot with different filmers and this edit is compilation of all shots i got from this beautiful place. I want give thanks to all guys behind the camera and all the people who made this trip so fun!!! Hope you enjoy it!)

Come Around Snej.(comeback-edit)

by Anufrievski
Oct 2014 - 1.6K views

One hour of filming indoor skiing in After five month of ankle recovery i finally can ski again! It was a lot of skiing and just one hour of filming in this trip, but i hope you still enjoy my lil "Comeback edit".

Andrew Anufriev season pt.1(B-roll)

by Anufrievski
May 2014 - 2K views

I made this edit just to kill some time while i am on recovery after my ankle injury... Hope you enjoy that one! P.S. After premiere of this year LifeSteezeMovie there will be my TRUE season edit with shots that i cant show now=)