A Day To Remember

by Nicholas.Suchy
Nov 2015 - 793 views

Thanks to the soldiers that fought our wars, we got a day off of school to go skiing. Hence the name "A Day To Remember". We took that day to film a bit and make it a memorable day.


Nicholas Suchy | Mid Season

by Nicholas.Suchy
Mar 2016 - 691 views

I had a really successful start to the season learning most of the tricks in this edit. These shots are just a collection of iPhone shots and some actual camera footage from the last 3 weeks or so. Thanks to everyone thats helped me progress throughout the season so far.


Season 16

by Nicholas.Suchy
Jul 2016 - 3K views

Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to get out and film much this year. Most of these clips are from an iPhone with the ocasional DSLR clip. Thanks to every one who filmed and helped me progress this year.

Also looking for some feed back on style, filming, editing etc.


Song: 44 Bars - Logic


by Nicholas.Suchy
Dec 2016 - 608 views

We spent a week in Whis and decided to pull out the cam for a few days.
Put some headphones in and enjoy!

Insta: @pcdew

Patty Dew NZ Edit

by Nicholas.Suchy
Nov 2017 - 2.1K views

Pat went down to NZ for 6 weeks and came back with some clips.
Did my best to put them all together for your viewing pleasure

Thanks to Skevik, Smith, Silverstar, Lange, and Solo Bar for the support!

szn 18/19

by Nicholas.Suchy
May 2019 - 1.9K views

just another season edit to clog your feed
thx to everyone who made it happen!!
IG: @nicholas_suchy
Saxx Underwear
Eagle Pass Heli Skiing


by Nicholas.Suchy
Dec 2019 - 1.1K views

Couple clips last week!
@nicholas_suchy @chaseujejski
Eagle Pass Heli-Skiing
Giro Snow
BN3TH Apparel

Smith Optics
SAXX Underwear
Faction Skis
TMC Freeriders

Better Now 2021 - TRAILER

by Nicholas.Suchy
Aug 2021 - 4.9K views

“Better Now”, a film by Nicholas Suchy and Ty Urlich releasing this fall!

This is a film project we’ve been working on over the past year in British Columbia and Alberta. We wanted to create something to showcase not only our skiing but everyone around us on the west coast. Huge shout out to everyone that helped us out along the way!

Follow on IG to keep up to date!




Better Now

by Nicholas.Suchy
Nov 2021 - 9.8K views

cheers :)

A film by Ty Urlich and Nicholas Suchy

Athletes in order of appearance:

Kyle Coxworth
Ty Urlich
Nicholas Suchy
Kael Hill
Dakota Eluik
Cat Agnew
Mark Valtr
Brayden Tritter
Curt Hiller
Shey Townley
Ryland Grimm
Kai Smart
Jacob Belanger
Mathieu Dufrense
Luke Smart
Jake Sandstrom
Cole Richardson
Luca Natale
Lucas Reid
Sam Degroot
Alex Runner
Loki Wickman-Ratthe
Sam Friesen
Zach Fillier
Chase Ujejski
Lowell Schmidt