Rail Jammin at SLU

by isaacwrong
Feb 2015 - 655 views

In the midst of trading my gopro for a camera, so i had to use my phone. I quickly found out that they don't last that long in the cold, hence the very short edit.

WTB Friends

by isaacwrong
Apr 2015 - 346 views

Got on snow 7 time this year. It's my second year skiing, switched over from nordic skiing (lame). College really sucks cause there are no rails. Anyways I moved to Amherst, MA and am looking for some buddies to chill/ski with this summer. As soon as i get home i'm building a summer setup. So if your chill hit me up

All 16 Double Switch Ups

by isaacwrong
Jun 2015 - 3.1K views

A solid two sessions of filming was put into the skiing section. This was a huge accomplishment for me. This is my second year on downhill skis (I switched from nordic). It really goes to show that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible. The last one is very questionable...I know.

Summer Ski Setup 2015

by isaacwrong
Aug 2015 - 2.1K views

Luckily i was able to deck out my setup in all new turf. UMASS was redoing a few fields so i was able to snag some pieces. Unfortunately I quickly found out that i was severely allergic to some poison ivy, hence the long pants and tees. I would say it was a successful summer. Got all dub swaps pretty locked in.
*Second year on a summer setup and going onto 3rd season of downhilling.

Spring Rails at Loaf

by isaacwrong
May 2016 - 926 views

After years of backyard shreddin I decided to perk up and purchase a pass. Here are some spring skiing shots from loaf and titcomb mtn. Big ups to Ben for filmin