North Face Open Rail Jam at Stratton

by PearTree-Prod
Feb 2014 - 809 views

Footage from the rail jam at the North Face Open at Stratton. Winners Girls: 1st: Jackie Kling, 2nd: Rachel Anderson, 3rd: Allison Perotti Guys: 1st Max Moffatt, 2nd: Connor Clayton, 3rd: Ben Smith Other Competitors: Elliott Black, Vincent Dorow, TylerDuncan, Joseph Fusare, Eric Stohler, Christian Stormgaard, Riley Webb-wilkinson

Lynch Mob

by PearTree-Prod
Jul 2014 - 1.7K views

Took a trip to snowflex and made this long edit with some people we met up with. This is what we got from 4 1/2 day of filming

A Summer On The East Coast

by PearTree-Prod
Sep 2014 - 646 views

Little Video from our summer up in upstate New York. Did some early summer tramping, took a trip down to Liberty Snowflex in Virginia and then came back up to New York to do some cliff jumping and more tramp.

Eric Partridge 14-15 Season

by PearTree-Prod
Apr 2015 - 1.1K views

Had a super fun season this year and spent most of my time on the east coast at Bristol Mountain but was able to take a trip out to Park City mid season.
Thanks to Monster Army, Spy Optic, and FASC Clothing

Spring Tramp || ADD

by PearTree-Prod
Jun 2015 - 3.3K views

First part of a little three part tramp series we will be doing this summer. People featured include: Joe Fusare, Eric Partridge, Ben Naylor, Connor Faurot Pigeon, Alex Ptucha, and Thomas Bailey. Song Attention Deficit Disorder by Kembe X

Snowflex Zone

by PearTree-Prod
Aug 2015 - 2.6K views

Spent 4 days down at Snowflex and did a little filming as well. This is what we came up with.
Song: Burn Notice by Jon Connor, Drink Irish by Apollo Brown

Eric Partridge || 15-16

by PearTree-Prod
Apr 2016 - 1.4K views

Had a pretty sad, slow season on the east coast. Luckily i was able to take a trip out to Colorado at the end of the year and get one day of filming in. Thanks to Monster, Spy and FASC Clothing.

Eric Partridge 16-17

by PearTree-Prod
Apr 2017 - 1.7K views

Had a super fun season spending most of my time up in Mt. Snow, VT. Thanks to Spy Optics, BlackStrap and Nivis Gear for the support and everybody who filmed.

Song: 1 Up Top by Mozzy