Daniel Hanka: French Baguette at Vars Park

by DanielHanka
May 2012 - 2.4K views

Two days in Vars Park with Daniel Hanka. Filmed and edited by Lucas Herman. Location: Vars Park Filmed by: Lucas Herman Produced by: illegal production Music: Motörhead - Motörhead

Daniel Hanka - springminute

by DanielHanka
Sep 2012 - 740 views

Spring shred at Gravity snowpark - Eagle Mountains, Czech Republic. Filmed by my friend Fa?a and edited by me. Thanks to my sponsors: FACTION SKIS, O´NEILL, PRO-TEC, LEKI, GRAVITY PARK.

Daniel Hanka - Speedin'

by DanielHanka
Mar 2013 - 9.7K views

We filmed this edit during 3 hours of skiing, it was amazing day. Camera: Sony NEX 5r Lens: Voigtlander 12mm Thanks for watching. Film and edit by Martin Bernard

Daniel Hanka - Norwegian Mission

by DanielHanka
Apr 2013 - 1.5K views

Backflip to streetrail? Blind 3swap pretz 2 out? LOT OF FUN?!!!! Yyyyeah! Thats my trip to Norway! Feat.: Aleksander Aurdal, Anders Backe and Chtistoffer Schach! The clip includes some shots from the competitions we did there with Oskar Pedersen and lot of fun at snowpark! The video is made on my shitty computer in Movie Maker program.. So just excuse the quality! I hope you ´ll enjoy it!

Daniel Hanka - Leftovers

by DanielHanka
Jun 2013 - 1.8K views

The reasons why we made this edit, except showing you, how much we are enjoying the mountains, actually are that we had a lot of unused shots from shitty weather...or the skier or cameraman werent at the condition..or what ever. These are the spring Leftovers. ENJOY! Location: Vars, Fr Kaunertal, AT Moravská Bouda, CZ De?tné v Orlických Horách, CZ Hemsedal, NR Filmed by: Martin Bernard Tomá? Hudec ?imon Shymonkey

Kumi Yama 2013-Highlights

by DanielHanka
Jul 2013 - 1K views

A short edit from Kumi Yama event where I took the 1st place with Jules Bonnaire and Magnus Graner as a team Downdays. 2nd was Crewstacez and third were the REAL-SKIFI guys!

Daniel Hanka | VARShredd

by DanielHanka
Mar 2014 - 3.4K views

So after the disaster, that it all got deleted. I did the whole video once more for you guys. Just chilled few laps at VARS park in France! Edited by myself in Movie Maker -> no stabilization, no colograding.. Only real HARDCORE editing hah, used almost all the shots I had. Thanks Antony Fait for giving me the shots (twice). Thanks Bart for taking care of me in Vars and everybody else who helped me out somehow! Hope you´re gonna like it. Will be glad for every view and share

Daniel Hanka - Mudshredd

by DanielHanka
Apr 2014 - 2.3K views

Welcome to Czech Republic....A few laps at local ski resort. There was more mud and rocks on the slope than snow.. But still, it was fun day, and what can be better than ski in jeans and shades, while having some beer with friends huh? Shot on gopro, edited by myself via movie maker.

Daniel Hanka | La Clusaz POV

by DanielHanka
May 2014 - 6.9K views

One afternoon I took a Countour camera for a ride in Balme, during the last Faction skis webisode shooting and this came up. Some of the shots are overexposed - sorry for that - probably too much bluebird, hah. You can see some "behind" the scenes shots, that were actually used in the webisode. If you haven´t seen it yet - check it at Hope you´re gonna enjoy it, peace.

Chris Haffey: Open Season | Snow + Mega Ramp

by DanielHanka
May 2014 - 2.1K views

Hitting big airs has always been one of my favorite things to do. As a professional rollerblader I was always limited to jumps the size that skateparks were willing to build. I originally gravitated towards skiing as a way to scratch my itch for bigger air and when a publicly accessible mega ramp was built at Woodward West the two worlds collided. I found the sports went hand-in-hand and it has been awesome to be able to take tricks from the slopes to the mega and vice-versa. It has now become the perfect way to cross-train and have the time of my life doing it. ? Chris Haffey. ///// Just wanna share with you guys, how blading goes together with skiing. Video is not mine.


by DanielHanka
May 2014 - 1.8K views

We decided to film this during a windy day after the Vars tournament - unfortunately, it was impossible to hit the pro line. Nothing special, no big deal.. Just one run at one of the sickest park in Europe I guess.. If you´re intresed in my skiing - follow me on instagram @danielhanka peace

LAAX 2014

by DanielHanka
Jun 2014 - 2.3K views

Martin Bernard, a really good friend of mine and talented filmer and editor with whom I´m mostly filming with, has been in LAAX for one week and filmed this footage feat. Ortlieb Sammi, Horak Martin, Ragettli Andri, Skála Marek, Mahler Kai, Stromkova Zuzana, Bosch Fabian, Scherlin Oscar and Jurecka Richie.


by DanielHanka
Sep 2014 - 1.2K views

I´ve seen the thread about rollerblading here, so I decided to post my 5 years old blading edit from my local skatepark at my hometown. Damn, feels like it was yesterday. In case you´re intrested check my instagram: @danielhanka

Daniel Hanka | Extras

by DanielHanka
Nov 2014 - 1.2K views

So thanks to Ettiene, who sent me some footage from Faction webisode shootings. I decided to use my Movie Maker and show my mad editing skills again to share this with you guys.. These trips were absolutely unforgetable. That is also the reason I made this... As you can see, some of the shots were already used, some not and it´s pretty long. I just thought that it would be worth it, to use most of the shots. And show you also some B roll and footage that would never be published.. (WHO CAN SPOT A FLYING PIECE OF SHIT IN THE VIDEO?) I would definitely like to thank Faction skis for great support and the whole team for the memories and good times! Hope to see you all soon! Follow my every move on instagram: @danielhanka

SmellySocks sneekpeak

by DanielHanka
Nov 2014 - 315 views

The first official sneekpeak of the first new webisode series of mine called Smelly Socks. Smelly Socks is a video serie documenting my skiing, traveling, partying, friends and stuff during the whole season. Please support us, and follow us on instagram for some free stuff give aways, behind the scenes and more sneakpeeks. The first webisode will be server fresh like a fish on newschoolers!


by DanielHanka
Jan 2015 - 23.3K views

Smelly Socks is a new web series for the 2014/15 season, featuring fresh rock'n'roll ski action from around Europe, all filmed by Martin Bernard and Dan Hanka. Webisodes contain all the best bits - skiing, crashes, friends, travelling, fun and the behind-the-scenes, weird places that we discover on the road. I'm really stoked to present you the first video of the series with a special guest Lolo Favre! Grab a beer, popcorn and enjoy your daily portion of rock'n'roll and skiing! If you're intrested in behind the scenes,pics and skiing that didn't make in the video, we're on instagram @smellysocksrocks and on Thanks for watching, hope you're gonna like it! #smellysocks


by DanielHanka
Jan 2015 - 1.4K views

Last two winters sucks so bad here in Czech, but my homeresort finally got some snow to built a decent park. Still you can see grass on the landings... But that´s just one downday lap from today. Just feels good to shred home.

First tries sucks

by DanielHanka
Mar 2015 - 6.3K views

One really scary moment that turned out in a really funny one while shooting for another Smelly Socks webisode in my homeresort. We all hate first tries I guess.. hah. Second webisode coming soon.

Daniel Hanka | NINE KNIGHTS

by DanielHanka
Mar 2015 - 2.8K views

My qualification video for Nine Knights - if you want to see me there destroing the castle with some wierd stuff - share this video on your facebook.
Thanks for all your support and watching. Hope you guys will like it.


SMELLY SOCKS 1.2 | Teaser

by DanielHanka
Apr 2015 - 111 views

Me and Martin spent some time at my homeresort to shoot the next Smelly Socks webisode. This one will take you to YOURpark, local bar and a huge kicker, where Excelent Soldiers De?tné took place few days before. Special guest included ofcourse - this time an Olympian athlete from Czech Republic - can you guess who it is?


by DanielHanka
Apr 2015 - 4.7K views

Me and my filmer Martin spent some time at my home resort to shoot the next Smelly Socks webisode. This one will take you to my local snowpark called YOURpark.
You?ll see shit on the 25m long kicker which was left there after the Excellent Soldiers Destne event. You?ll see some snowcat sliding, a local ski bar shred, where I almost died and a guest appearance from my good friend Mario Skala. Sit back and approve Smelly Socks do rock!

if you´re intrested in more stuff follow
@danielhanka and @smellysocksrocks on instagram
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by DanielHanka
Apr 2015 - 5.5K views

Nosebutter 3 i did in Tignes.
follow me on instaram for more stuff!

by the way - Smelly Socks 1.3 from Livigno - coming soon! 8)


by DanielHanka
Apr 2015 - 7.8K views

Episode 1.3 will take you with us to the slushy Livigno, where there´s always sunny and the pro line is always pretty good. Unfortunately, this episode has no guest starring as all the guys had left after 9 Knights. Hope you guys wouldn´t mind and will still enjoy this peace of rock´n´roll ski action!
Cinematography and editing: Martin Bernard
Made possible by
Media partner:
Thanks for watching.

SMELLY SOCKS 2014/2015 Recap

by DanielHanka
Oct 2015 - 5.3K views

Smelly Socks 2014/2015 recapitulation.
Filming locations:
- Freestyle Area Vítkovice, CZ
- Ski centrum De?tné v Orlických Horách, CZ
- Stubai, AT
- Livigno, IT
- Tignes, FR
- Finland, Estonia
Cover photo: The Faction Collective / Pierre Augier
Cine and editing: Martin Bernard
Additional cine: Etienne Mérel
Music: Slade - Rock And Roll Preach
Facebook fun page:
Instagram: smellysocksrocks
Follow @danielhanka on Instagram and Snapchat to see updates about his actual season! Thanks Faction Skis, Monster Energy and YOURpark for a great support. And to all you people that like to watch the edits - we're here because of you. You rule!!

Thanks for watching and sharing.

IN BETWEEN #1.6 Livigno

by DanielHanka
Oct 2015 - 1.4K views

In Between episode from the end of season which we spent in Livigno.
Livigno, IT
Daniel Hanka
?imon Bartík
Szczepan Karpiel
Marek Skála
Cine and edit:
Martin Bernard I @marbernard
Made possible by
Media partners: and
Dog Eat Dog - Rocky
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Daniel Hanka |PF| Primeedit

by DanielHanka
Dec 2015 - 3.8K views

New edit I made from Stubai Zoo Prime Park Sessions with shots filmed before I got injured - unfortunately only 3 days of jumping the Prime for me. With this, I would like to wish you all guys on NEWSCHOOLERS Merry Christmas and Happy new year, keep shredding and thanks for your love and support you´re giving me through the year!
From Czech Republic with love.


by DanielHanka
Dec 2015 - 4.5K views

Proudly presenting you the new Smelly Socks from Stubai (AUS)
Supported by:
Also available in 4K:
Music: Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead
Cinematography: (@marbernard)
Thanks for watching and sharing.